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We offer eco friendly building materials that will drastically cut energy costs, and provide quality professional services.

Eco Green provides professional services for residential, remodels, commercial, mining, agriculture, federal and state customers.

Spray Foam

How is Eco Green spray foam different?

Eco Green Spray Foam is a cost effective and environmentally  friendly alternative to fiberglass and cellulose. While other insulation may be cheaper upon first installing, they won’t compare to Eco Green spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation will help homeowners like you save more money on your monthly energy bills. A properly spray foamed house can outperform a standard fiberglass or cellulose house by up to 40-60%.

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Attic insulation

Stop losing money. not having attiquate insulation results in higher energy costs for heating and cooling. This can result in losing up to 30-50% in your heating and cooling costs.

Why choose Eco Green?

  • Increase the comfort of your home
  • Saves rising energy costs expenses
  • 84% of home owners believe energy efficient homes have a higher resale value
  • Guaranteed not to settle and maintains R- value year after year
  • Qualifies for state and federal tax deductions and credits
  • Idaho residents with house built before 2002 qualify for 100% tax deduction
  • You can qualify Idaho Power incentives with Eco Green!

Solar Fans

Reasons why to install a Solar Fan:

  • Help reduce attic heat build up to keep homes cooler in summer and drier in winter
  • Helps reduce air conditioning costs
  • Helps protect your roof from moisture damage and shingles from overheating and lifting
  • Helps reduce the risk of harmful mold growth in the attic
  • Solar attic fans are eligible for a 30% tax credit

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